Leadership Event at SLH

On March 13th we had our “Dare to Make a Difference” event. These kids rocked it, as did the adult speakers.

It was our first large event, so we were not entirely sure how the night was going to end. However, once we greeted our students and saw them dressed in their suits and dresses, with large confident smiles, we knew we were witnessing greatness.

Back up four months. The idea was just a spark in our minds, but we had a vision. We believed if we gave students the tools, and the platform to speak, amazing things would follow. Our first meeting in the school was met with trepidation and cautious eyes. The students were not exactly sure what to expect from us, and even-more, what to expect from themselves. However, slowly they jumped on board, beginning to see the amazing opportunity put before them. They too, started to trust the vision that we presented to them, and with that we all took a leap of faith.

After many practices, events and mentoring we finally reached the point of “this is really happening!” The excitement of the event was in the air for the final two weeks, and we all could not contain ourselves. However, both Danielle and I could see a shift. A change. A sense of leadership, pride and confidence emerge from the students. They began to own their stories. And with the ownership, came the wish to inspire others. It was incredible to watch it all unfold. Their voices were the catalyst for thought, for inspiration, for connection.

On the day of the event, these kids certainly “dared to make a difference”

Here is one of the videos a student made to have his voice heard. We were so thrilled to have multi-media be part of the forum, as every child has a voice, but many express themselves in different way; be it a speech, a video, a demonstration or art. It is all good, as you are as unique as your presentation.