Preparation, Pride & Possibilities

This page is for the 8th Grade Leadership Event, in which the final event will take place on March 19th at the Spring Lake Manor.

Leadership Application

You can attach a check to the application when handing in. Please hand in to Mr Preston at the school. If you prefer, you can use a credit card to pay the fees, just hand in the application and advise you have paid by credit card.

Here is the link to pay by credit card:


Our kickoff was a great success on November 22nd. The students were all fully engaged, ready to lets us know how they have prepared to become leaders, where they feel pride in their lives and what they believe is possible for them in the future. We started with a talk from community member Jack Gramlich, about how is lives in Preparation, Pride and his Possibilities every day. It was a great start to the 4 months ahead!!dsc_0095